The most advanced utility monitoring sensors on the market.

PowerX sensors are non-invasive and easy to install, no cutting pipes, no drilling holes, and most importantly you don’t need to have wifi access at every point in your building.
  • Energy Monitor

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  • Temperature Sensor

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  • HVAC Control

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    Easy installation and onboarding

    PowerX non-invasive sensors are easy to install at scale. PowerX mobile-friendly dashboard allows for easy onboarding of multiple properties or units with the click of a button.
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    Real time information

    PowerX provides operators and managers with real time information so wherever you are you can see what’s happening.
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    Automated alerts and reporting

    No need for constant monitoring, PowerX sends you detailed reports when and how you want. With real time alerts you’ll know immediately if there’s a problem.
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    Easily scalable

    One property to one thousand. PowerX Pro easily scales to fit any need.
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    Works across teams

    Make sure your team can see and act on the right data while ensuring privacy. Set permission sets for different users.
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    Trusted solution

    PowerX is trusted by some of the best in the business.

Manage utilities across portfolios.

PowerX software allows you to manage multiple properties all in 1 dashboard.


PowerX is ideal for usage monitoring in all types of commercial properties, from office spaces, to education centers and more.

Single/Multi Family

From vacation rental owners to nationwide single family rental organizations PowerX Pro gives you insights into each home you manage.

Restaurants and Hotels

See real time usage of all your expensive equipment and appliances. Improve operational efficiency and food safety with appliance monitoring.


With utilities skyrocketing and resources becoming scarcer PowerX is an ideal solution for agricultural operations to better understand and monitor usage in real time.