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Property Management Technology Trends

Property Management Technology Trends

Top of the line security, fitness centers, and app-controlled door locks might be important incoming features that today’s renters are looking for, but they are often overshadowed by a desire to be more green. Initiated by a global push to consume less energy and make everyday living more efficient, there have been significant advancements in recent years in terms of energy conservation technology. In turn, renters are searching for better ways to reduce their household energy consumption and lower their utility costs – and they love technology.

Smart devices such as intuitive thermostats can contribute to this effort, but the real solution lies with devices that monitor and optimize household systems and appliances right at the source. Using cutting-edge AI energy conservation technology, these smart devices can provide immense insight into the efficiency of water, heat, and electrical systems within a residential setting, and help to minimize excess consumption. Reducing a household’s carbon footprint saves resources, but it also saves money, and that’s exactly what renters are looking for.

What Do These Devices Do?

PowerX Heat

These smart devices connect to different components of a home or apartment and begin monitoring consumption levels. The PowerX Heat can turn a regular water heater into a smart heater by selecting more efficient heat ranges and cycle times. It will also shut off the water heater during periods where the home is unoccupied, such as during vacations. Without any loss in comfort, this device will automatically adjust temperature settings to save up to 50% of the costs associated with heating water.

PowerX Water

Monitoring and understanding water usage can also help to cut down on unnecessary consumption. The PowerX Water requires zero maintenance and utilizes ultra-sonic rays to measure the water being used. The smart AI engine learns how much water is being consumed for specific activities or by specific tenants with 98% accuracy.

PowerX Electricity

Electricity is the last of three main services that renters are concerned about. The PowerX Electricity can help to save an average of 5-10% on electric bills using energy conservation technology designed to use just one single sensor per home. This external magnetic pulse sensor reads electrical current over 1 million times each second, and with the help of AI, learns which appliances are which, determines any inefficiencies, understands usage patterns, and calculates cost-saving potential.

Together, these smart devices can make a big difference to a renter’s energy consumption and utility costs. Energy conservation technology like the PowerX Suite has been developed to meet the needs of the changing rental market, and provide a valuable service to both tenants and property managers alike.

What Requirements Do They Have?

As much as they want to see buildings rented, property managers don’t want to incur costly expenses – so the need for non-invasive smart devices is paramount. On average, customers see savings of 12% with the full PowerX Suite (Heat, Water, & Electricity) without the need for constant maintenance or invasive installation.

  • PowerX Heat doesn’t require any special installation and has been designed to retrofit over 90% of existing water heaters. It’s plug and play and offers substantial indirect revenue potential through grid load balancing when multiple heaters are connected.
  • PowerX Water works with all existing pipe materials and sizes for easy installation and zero maintenance. It also features real-time leak detection and mobile alert to help property managers act quickly to prevent costly damage.
  • PowerX Electricity works with more than 90% of existing electrical configurations and needs only one sensor to operate. It records data based on usage which can be used to make cost-saving decisions for multiple rental units.

Perhaps one of the most convenient benefits of the PowerX Suite is that it doesn’t require access to the tenant’s WiFi network. It instead uses a proprietary long-range frequency and displays data for all systems within a hub dashboard so that property managers can review information, identify issues on the fly, and ultimately reduce carbon footprint sizes.

The Best Way to Implement This Energy Conservation Technology and How PowerX Enterprise SaaS Can Help

The ability to analyze your buildings, track compliance, and monitor energy and emissions in real-time doesn’t have to remain a dream, nor eat up your budget. PowerX Enterprise SaaS was developed for project managers to provide unparalleled insights into rental properties and use energy conservation technology to identify ways to cut down on unnecessary or excess consumption.

Our Enterprise SaaS uses sensors to automatically construct a real-time CO₂ inventory with high precision so that you can quickly track compliance with local and international policy targets regarding CO₂ emissions. The dashboard offers instant readouts and includes the option to add multiple sensors to enable you to track on a building by building basis. We use cutting-edge AI energy conservation technology that is capable of suggesting tailored efficiency and CO₂ mitigation options that can enhance your conservation efforts, bring down operational costs, and generate indirect revenue.

Contact us today to learn more about how the PowerX Suite and Enterprise SaaS can be put to work in your buildings.

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