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10 Youth Climate Activists to Follow on Social Media Now

Who they are and how they’re redefining climate justice.
10 Youth Climate Activists to Follow on Social Media Now

The challenges climate change has presented to young people are immense and young people no longer stay silent. Over the years, more and more youth climate activists have entered political arenas to move the needle towards concrete climate action. 

Young people are inheriting some of the worst climate conditions witnessed in centuries and a destabilized planet lacking protection. Complex problems around sustainability, climate justice, food scarcity, deforestation, disease, and more have made youth activists bolder in their demands. 

On thing has become clear: Youth will not settle. They will continue to organize because the future, their futures depend on it. 

Want to know more? Here are some of the most influential climate activists inspiring others to become more active in protecting the planet. 

Greta Thunberg | Sweden - IG @gretathunberg

Greta Thunberg

Greta is a Swedish environmental activist that has inspired an international youth movement around the global climate change crisis. At just 15 years old, she began protesting outside the Swedish Parliament to call for more decisive action on climate change. 

She’s spoken in front of leaders worldwide and is known for her outspoken demeanor and demand for accountability. Her influence on the world stage makes her a prominent voice in the climate change movement.  

Wilson Oryema | London - IG @wilson_oryema

Wilson is a co-founder of Regenerative Futures and Surface Tension. Regenerative futures is the first Regenerative settlement in the Southwestern region of Antarctica, with a current human population of 62. Wilson’s endeavors are primarily concerned with “Human consumption and its effects on human behavior and the planet”. 

Amy & Ella | UK - IG @kidsagainstplastic

Meet 15 & 17 y.o. sisters Amy and Ella, founders of Kids Against Plastic, a non-profit organization focused on eliminating plastic waste from their local school district in the UK. 

Their latest is the Plastic Clever Schools: Nottinghamshire Challenge. The challenge aims to help the Nottinghamshire schools meet the Government’s 2022 plastic target and make the county a plastic clever schools county. 

Xiye Bastida | USA - IG @xiyebeara

Xiye is the founder of the Re-Earth Initiative, a non-governmental organization focused on achieving a livable and just future. Re-Earth’s mission is to make the climate movement accessible to all. The organization offers informational webinars and writing tool kits for marginalized communities to help them become brilliant climate change activists. 

Vic Barrett | USA - IG @vicbarrett_ 

Vic Barrett

Vic is a Garifuna youth from New York and a fellow with the Alliance for Climate Education. He has spoken on many occasions on climate change, including at the U.N. headquarters in New York City. 

His thoughts on the climate issue: "Climate change isn't just about temperatures and weather, it's about people. Our earth will be here for millennia, it's up to us to decide if humanity will be too."

John Paul Jose | India - IG @johnpauljos   

John Paul Jose

 John is a 22-year-old climate activist from India. He is a Global Peace Ambassador, a speaker, and a researcher focused on connecting the changing climate and sustainable development. He teaches young people in his country how to become more engaged in environmental and climate activism. 

Luisa Neubauer | Germany - IG @luisaneubauer 

 Luisa is an author, speaker, and student based in berlin. She’s a principal organizer in Fridays for Future Germany, a youth-led climate change movement created to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. She recently wrote a book with Alexander Repenning titled From the End of the Climate Crisis.   

Isra Hirsi | USA  - IG @israhirsi 

Isra Hirsi

 Isra is co-founder and co-executive of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike. She’s also a part of MN can’t wait, a youth coalition of organizations demanding action in Minnesota.

She’s a recipient of the Brower Youth Award and the Voice of the Future Award. Isra is an avid advocate of making the climate change movement accessible to minorities and communities impacted most by the climate crisis. 

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez | USA - IG @xiuhtezcatl 

 Xiuhtezcatl is a musician, activist, fashion model, philanthropist, and cross-cultural artist. Xuihtezacatl serves as the youth director of Earth Guardians, an organization focused on training diverse youth to be effective leaders in the environmental, climate, and social justice movements. 

Alexandria Villaseñor | USA - IG @alexandriav2005 

At just 16 years old, Alexandria is the founder of Earth Uprising, a nonprofit of young people working on climate justice initiatives. She’s also an essayist in All We Can Save, and an organizer for Fridays for Future. Alexandria warns, “You have to listen to the science and the facts because climate change isn’t an opinion.”   


Every young person on this list continues to inspire us to take action. To learn more about what PowerX is doing to protect the planet, visit our About Us page.   

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