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5 Top Tips to Save Energy This Fall

Want to cut back on utility bills while making your home feel cozy? Read this blog for 5 top tips to save energy this Fall, all without compromising your comfort.
5 Top Tips to Save Energy This Fall

Fall is one of the most exciting times of the year, defined by golden leaves on the doorstep and cozy nights by the fire. But, while we prepare for hot cocoa and pumpkin picking, it's also essential to consider our utility bills.

Central heating, hot baths, and electric blankets are all fall essentials, but enormous energy costs don't have to be. We've put together a list of our energy-saving tips for the Fall so you can stay one step ahead.

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5 Top Energy-Saving Tips for the Fall 

1. Preserve Your Heat 

If you’re using your thermostat a lot throughout the colder months, you’re likely to get a shock when you receive your quarterly energy bill. The warmth of central heating comes with high costs, so it’s essential to make sure you’re making the most of it. 

Some of the best ways to preserve heat in your home are as follows:

  • Keep windows closed as much as possible 
  • Heat rooms as and when you need to use them
  • Close the doors between rooms to preserve the heat
  • Open your curtains in the day for natural (and free) sun-lit heating 

2. Use Your Heating Wisely

    Did you know that keeping your thermostat at a constant high temperature is one of the most significant energy-wasting habits?

    With this in mind, it's essential to be strategic about when you ramp up the heat. Many systems allow you to create a schedule for your heating, so if you've got a timer, it's vital to make use of it. 

    To make the best use of your central heating, try:

    • Turning off the heating while you’re out and about
    • Timing your heating to come on first thing in the morning for a short burst of warmth
    • Setting a trigger, so it only turns on if your home drops below a specific temperature

    3. Seal and Insulate 

      Insulation is a BIG part of keeping any space warm, especially if you're interested in saving on your energy bills. However, a vast amount of heat can get lost through gaps between doors and windows, so make sure you note how your home may be allowing warmth to escape. 

      Our top tips for keeping the heat in include:

      • Use a flame to detect draughts around your home 
      • Seal any spaces between window frames, doors, and skirting boards
      • Invest in a sturdy draught excluder to place under door frames 
      • Choose thicker, high-quality curtains to prevent up to 25% of heat loss

      4. Schedule Your Maintenance Early

        Prevention is often the best solution when it comes to saving as much energy as possible. Before the cold months arrive, having your home serviced for any potential problems is a great way to avoid a costly disaster in the future. A maintenance check on your boiler may also flag up any critical issues or inefficiencies in your system.

        Get your boiler checked and serviced before it freezes over for good!

        5. Install a Smart Sensor

          Want to know the best way to stay on top of your energy usage? Install a smart sensor.

          This clever piece of technology will slot seamlessly into your home and allow you to take control of your utilities for good. For example, you can measure how much water and electricity your household consumes from your smartphone to minimize costs and boost efficiency.

          This will help you to save energy during Fall by:

          • Find out which appliances are using up the most energy
          • Discover leaks and other expensive problems
          • Monitor water, water heating, and electricity usage
          • Create usage goals for your home

          So, that's all 5 of our top energy-saving tips for the Fall. Want to take control of your utility spending for good and make smarter decisions in your home? With the PowerX home energy monitoring system, you can achieve it.

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