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5 Ways PowerX Makes Your Home Safer

PowerX sensors provide data that makes it easy to monitor your home’s energy usage, but it's also a dependable device for making your home safer.
5 Ways PowerX Makes Your Home Safer

Below we've listed the top features of the PowerX sensor that give our users reassurance that their home is safe.

1. Receive Alerts For Devices Left On While You're Away

Have you ever been out and suddenly wondered if you accidentally left one of your appliances running? PowerX can easily let you know through our app. 

With the PowerX Terra app, you can set up notifications to alert you if certain appliances or devices are running for too long or check your data to see if any numbers are too high. If you find any issues you can call a specialist before it's too late, saving your home and family from any damage.

2. Prevent Fire Risks

In the PowerX Terra app, you can see your home’s voltage. In a typical electrical panel of a house, the two principal sections should maintain a voltage of 120V. If there are any issues with the quality of the electricity or your panel needs repair, the sections can malfunctions, which can cause a fire.

The Terra app also provides live voltage readings as well as live data in order to track the overuse of any device in your home. It also shows any dips or spikes in electricity usage outside of your normal range. Knowing this information can prevent electrical fires in your home. 

3. Prevent Leaks From Damaging Your Home

Rooms like basements, bathrooms, and kitchens are prone to leaks, but they don't have to be a problem any longer. With PowerX, you'll never have to constantly worry about unforeseen leaks again! PowerX will instantly detect any leaks occurring in your home and then immediately alert you through the PowerX Terra app. This will not only save your home from damage or health-affecting mold, but it will also save your wallet from irritating costs.  

4. Catch Devices Before They Fail

Many households have important appliances like water heaters, heating systems, and sump pumps that provide services that are essential to running a home smoothly. For these devices, it’s crucial to make sure they’re operating when they're supposed to. If you're away from home, you can use the PowerX app to check on any appliance activity so you have a reference in case something malfunctions. If a spike in energy use is found on our app, you can contact a specialist before you need to replace any of your appliances that are beyond repair.

5. Prevent Costly Home Damage

With PowerX, you get to know the typical behavior of your device. Power Meter and Device views. How often is it used? What’s the average wattage? What is the normal cost? When a device is malfunctioning, its data patterns will change, making it easy to identify potential failures. PowerX users are able to avoid costly repairs with data provided by the Terra app without the need for additional repairs or charges.

You can now achieve Intelligent home energy monitoring easily and without hassle through the optimization and machine learning embedded in all PowerX products

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