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6 Surprising Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly During Summer Holidays

6 Surprising Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly During Summer Holidays

June signals the official start of grilling, flip-flopping, and beach trips. Get outside this summer holiday season and enjoy the beautiful outdoors the way Mother Nature intended—in an environmentally friendly manner! We've compiled a list of our favorite ways to be green this summer. And we're here to assist you in reducing waste, pollution, and other harmful environmental effects.

1. Use Gas Instead of Charcoal on the Grill

Using a gas barbecue grill instead of charcoal reduces pollution by half. A gas grill will also cook your food more evenly and for less money.

2. Avoid Disposables

Washable plates, cups, forks, and knives will offer you more bang for your buck (you can reuse them for future parties), and eliminating disposables will result in less rubbish, resulting in a landfill.

3. Go Grass-Fed

Grass-fed meat consumes 60% less energy than conventionally grown animals. Grass-feeding also reduces soil erosion and improves water quality and health because grass-fed livestock receives fewer antibiotics and hormones and less fatty meat.

4. Don't Build Sand Castles in the Dunes

It would be best if you didn't build sandcastles in the dunes because dunes provide natural protection for the area's ecosystem and help stabilize the beach's habitat, avoiding erosion and heavy storm surges.

5. Use Safe Sunscreen

Most sunscreen will end up in the ocean after you take the time to apply it. Check to see if it contains any elements that may hurt you and our oceans and their inhabitants.

6. Bike Over a Gorgeous Beach or Lake

Don't live near a beautiful beach or lake? That's OK. Instead, grab your bike and ride your favorite path or city street on a nice warm day. It's a budget-friendly and environmentally friendly way to ring in the summer!

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