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A Win for Climate Change: European Union passes climate law

Law obliges 25 nations to meet carbon emission targets.
A Win for Climate Change: European Union passes climate law

Global warming and climate change are happening fast, and we are now in the midst of what environmental scientists call a climate emergency. Leading the way for a sustainable planet is the European Union, the first government to turn a pledge for climate action into tangible regulations for climate law. 

The European Union announced it had passed legislation on the 2050 climate neutrality objective earlier this week. The objectives set into motion their goal of meeting the net zero-emissions target. 

According to Climate Watch Data, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and EU members Hungary, Luxembourg, and France are the only countries that have made their pledges legally binding so far. 

Understanding climate law  

Climate law stems from a legal commitment governments make to passing legislation to cut climate-damaging emissions. These laws place emissions-cutting marks at the heart of policymaking. 

Some bills include interim targets to help ensure governments are on track to meet the zero-emissions target of 2050. That means cutting emissions by 55% by 2030 and putting together a road map outlining how to achieve results. 

Why are climate law mandates being passed?

Climate laws are more radical as they force states to get serious about greenhouse gas emissions. Mandates encourage industries to think green and look for renewable energy solutions to keep rising temperatures at a halt. 

Some scientists say we can still avoid the worst impacts of climate change if we reach net-zero carbon pollution before 2050. As climate impacts worsen, humanity demands strong climate laws to fend off more devastating catastrophes.  

The U.S. and Climate Action  

After years of delays during President Trump’s administration, the EPA has released its new climate indicators with full support from President Biden and his administration. 

President Biden has pushed for climate action since taking office and has prioritized his plan to reverse many of the Trump era anti-climate efforts. 

As EPA administrator Michael Regan said in a statement, “We now have additional data and a new set of indicators that show climate change has become even more evident, stronger, and extreme - as has the imperative that we take meaningful action.”

As the U.S. government works to pass upcoming bills, global warming legislation will be under scrutiny on the world stage. 

Climate change

Hope for the Planet 

While climate laws certainly help, are each of us changing our behaviors fast enough? Climate emergencies are taking place every day, and the rate of warming is rapidly increasing, but hope for the planet prevails. 

Environmentalists have warned that even the more ambitious pledges do not go far enough and are not enough to keep the temperature rise under control, but we disagree. 

Jenny Price, historian, artist, and Ivy League academic, argues that many people see the environment and climate change as something distant that needs saving. For example, the places where they go backpacking, the mountains, the jungle. 

Price argues that in reality, the environment is not “out there”; instead, it’s right where we are. It’s the food we consume, the clothes we wear, the products in our homes, and everything in between. 

It’s why we’re motivated to spread this message: We need to act with urgency.  We need to be intentional with our everyday decisions, and we also believe optimism is the only way forward. 

In America, this means the country will have to change significantly over the next 30 years. 

Americans can prepare for the future ahead by fitting their homes with smart energy devices. Smart energy devices help homes become more energy-efficient and adapt depending on seasonal needs. 

Learning how to manage utilities can make a world of difference. This idea extends to businesses and local organizations because times call for collective action.  

We can all stay proactive in our day-to-day lives and continue the fight for climate justice with a small action at a time. 

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