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Get Your PowerX Products Installed Without Breaking a Sweat!

You want to install PowerX products. We make it easy.
Get Your PowerX Products Installed Without Breaking a Sweat!

We understand there may be some hesitation when installing utility monitoring products, and we want to put those worries to rest. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how easy it is to install PowerX products - whether it means having our products installed for you or giving you an overview of how to do it yourself. We'll show you just how easy it is to get you set up. The best part, we have tons of great solutions for everyone.

Installing PowerX: DIY 

Powering your home with PowerX home utility monitoring products is one of the best investments you can make for your home. No matter which product you choose to purchase, the installation process is painless and requires just a few easy steps. 

Setting up your PowerX products begins with downloading the PowerX Terra app and creating an account. Our app is available for apple and android (no subscriptions and no fees)! 

Once your account is setup, power on your PowerX Hub and connect it to your account by scanning the device QR code.

Next, add your sensors to your account by scanning the sensor QR codes in the back of the devices. Once this step is complete, you can move on to installing hardware. Suppose you’re a new homeowner or unfamiliar with some of the utilities in your home. In that case, you’ll find this step highly enlightening since you’ll be looking into your breaker box or your main water line, depending on which product you’re installing. 

We’ve created guides for every product making the installation process quick and easy. You’ll find illustrations throughout each guide to guide you from beginning to end. The best part- you can install each product in 7 steps or less and in under an hour!

Get Help Installing PowerX 

We at PowerX know that not everyone has the time or inclination to install their PowerX products. It’s why we’ve partnered with two handyman service providers to make installation a breeze. 

The first company we’ve partnered with is Handy, a leading home services platform for hiring vetted, screened professionals. Through Handy, a professional can install PowerX Suite or any other PowerX product without a problem. What’s great about this option is the task is booked and paid for directly through the Handy platform and performed by experienced, vetted providers who are highly rated by other customers. 

Thanks to Handy, you can have the entire PowerX Suite installed quickly and with zero worries. The platform guarantees any work booked through their site, and their excellent customer service makes them a perfect choice for installing PowerX’s home utility products. 

In addition to Handy, you can also use Task Rabbit, a platform revolutionizing everyday work. Their same-day service platform instantly connects you with skilled Taskers to help with unordinary jobs and errands so that you can be more productive every day. They’re another excellent solution for installing your new PowerX products without breaking the bank. 

If you have any questions about our products, visit our Help Center, or contact our support team and we’ll gladly help you get the answers you need. 

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Handy doesn’t have a specific way to request a PowerX installation. How do I ensure that I’m getting someone who knows what a PowerX is? Don’t you have some sort of affiliate link?

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