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Home Utility Monitoring Made Simple With PowerX and Lora Technology

In this blog post, we'll explain everything you need to know about LoRa connectivity and how it makes home utility monitoring easier.
Home Utility Monitoring Made Simple With PowerX and Lora Technology

More homeowners are searching for solutions that can do more comprehensive utility monitoring than ever before. If you're one of them and want to find the best whole-home utility monitoring products, PowerX has you covered. Because PowerX uses LoRa technology, PowerX is the most dependable solution of its kind. 

What is LoRa Connectivity 

For many consumers, LoRa technology may seem like a foreign concept. However, LoRA or long-range is a wireless communication protocol that enables networks to connect several applications or products running on the same network. 

The term LoRa can be somewhat ambiguous at first glance. To put it simply, LoRa technology uses echoes similar to how dolphins and bats communicate; It encodes information into radio waves using Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS), which means the term long-range transmission is immune to interference and can be received over long distances. 

Long-range also means that devices using this protocol can communicate with one another from a distance without any connectivity issues. There's no need for an internet connection or cellular service; these devices operate on their own network through radio frequencies (RF). 

Devices using this protocol make them ideal for sending small pieces of data over long distances to other products in your home like security cameras, smart bulbs/switches, appliances, etc., whether indoors or outdoors, within about three miles radius. 

These RF waves travel by line of sight, which means they cannot pass through solid objects; however, these radio waves can be transmitted in the air over long distances via rooftops, trees, or even across the street.

Existing wireless technologies vary based on functionality, data speed, and operating range. Lo​​Ra enables long-range communication of more than 3 miles in some areas while consuming little power. LoRa powered devices need a connection to communicate; however, there are no connectivity issues like those found with wifi signals that often cause latency (delays) when receiving data bits remotely. 

Why PowerX is Your Best Bet?

Other home utility monitoring products claim they offer whole-home utility monitoring, but most do not live up to the expectations; in other words, their advertised ranges are often misleading. Not to mention they often require drilling into your walls or electrical panels or cutting pipes for installation. 

For example, popular products might advertise their effective communication range, but that range can drop due to wifi connectivity issues. Some products even lose specific capabilities entirely if you place them in a metal box or enclose them within walls.

Our highly-rated products allow users to monitor their homes no matter the size. We created all products to retrofit any home, including multi-level properties. Since installation doesn't require drilling holes into walls, homeowners can install these themselves without calling a professional. 

And did we mention PowerX is the only company offering utility monitoring products powered with LoRa technology? We provide whole-home utility monitoring, including electricity, water, and water heater sensors, which can send data over thousands of feet with zero latency and no connectivity issues. 

We don't just provide an incredible home energy monitoring system; we also keep an eye on water leaks before they even happen with our water leak sensor. It's what makes our products the most comprehensive utility monitoring solution available. 

Achieve More Control With PowerX 

PowerX gives homeowners more control over their utility consumption without relying on monthly reports from third-party companies. So say goodbye to overspending and avoid those pesky monthly utility bills. Our products give homeowners peace of mind, and if there's ever an emergency, PowerX allows you to see what's happening without having to search for the problem physically. 

The PowerX Terra app, stores all the information received from our LoRa powered sensors, allowing you to identify the problem at a glance. With PowerX, users can monitor their homes anytime, anywhere, using any smart device. In addition, you don't have to worry about the utility data; our products capture and process all of it without any issues. 

One of the most significant benefits of choosing PowerX knowing your home is safe even when you're not there! For more information about our products or to learn more, visit our how it works page. We'll see you there! 

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