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What's a Smart Home and Why You Should Want One

Learn more about how you can turn your home into a smart home.
What's a Smart Home and Why You Should Want One

Smart homes function primarily by using smart grid technology. This technology consists of an automated system that can quickly connect to any device or appliance in your home using your smartphone or tablet and your wi-fi. 

Turning a home into a smart home can be achieved by buying and installing the latest smart home devices such as doorbells, cameras, security systems, utility sensors, televisions, and more.  

Why have a smart home?

  • Saving money   
  • Flexibility  
  • Security 
  • More control  
  • Automating household tasks 
  • Comfort 
  • Convenience
  • Home management insights 

Let's take a closer look at why you should set up your home with smart home and energy efficient products.

Saving Money 

One of the most compelling reasons for turning your home into a smart home is the potential to save money with automated air conditioning and heating systems. Automating these systems often reduces electric bills and utilities, yielding savings that amount to hundreds of dollars per year. 

You can also receive rebates for smart energy products like thermostats from manufacturers or your local utility company. 

More Control 

Smart homes allow homeowners to automate many of the devices used day-to-day. Homeowners can control most smart home apps remotely, allowing them peace of mind from wherever. Another perk is the ability to set television limits for your kids or other appliances around your home.


Did I lock the door? Did I turn down the thermostat before leaving? These worries can swarm our minds when we're not within arms' reach. Having more flexibility is one of the main reasons why smart homes are so appealing. Gone are the days of having to drive back because you forgot to turn off the coffee maker. You can now take care of many of these things remotely without batting an eye.

Automating Household Tasks 

If you want to decrease tedious household tasks and turn them into simple automated ones, you're covered. Any device that comes with smart home functions can automatically be turned on and off with a click of a button. 

Homeowners can set up schedules that more closely reflect their daily behavior without adjusting individual devices or appliances. 


A smart home system can control all devices connected to your voice assistant through one single app instead of managing dozens of manufacturers’ apps. Lights, plugs, thermostats, appliances, outlets, doorbells, and more. You can control all of it from the palm of your hand. It doesn't get more convenient than that!


Security is not something most families are willing to compromise. Adding smart home security features to any home can give families peace of mind. Security systems provide alerts in real-time — sensors placed around entryways and other areas of the home alert users based on pre-set sensitivity settings. If the alarm goes off, users don't even have to pick up the phone. The security system will alert the police immediately, ensuring your family's safety is a top priority. 


Home automation systems learn your behaviors and automatically adjust settings for maximum comfort. Automated systems can also help you comfortably deal with the unexpected. Not home yet, and a blizzard is on the way? Smart thermostats can adjust temperature settings remotely before you arrive. You can expect to come home to a comfortable and cozy oasis no matter the conditions. 

Home Management Insights  

Smart home apps collect and analyze user behavior to improve and make recommendations based on use. Home management insights can help homeowners cut down on utilities. Keeping track of consumption can help users change the same behaviors contributing to overspending. 

Build a Smart Home With These Essentials 

Utility Sensors 

The most significant product to assist you in building an efficient home is a PowerX sensor.  PowerX sensors powered by machine learning help homeowners get clear on their electrical, heat, and water consumption. The best part - savings can easily add up to $1000 per year or more on utilities. Homeowners get actionable solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, save money and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Smart Lightbulbs

Homeowners love smart lightbulbs. They're dimmable, can be controlled from anywhere, change colors, play music, and even help users sleep better. Smart lightbulbs rank high in energy efficiency, and they’re incredibly convenient. 

Smart Speaker 

A smart speaker is like a homeowner's personal assistant and helps facilitate daily tasks. Homeowners can naturally interact with a smart speaker utilizing voice commands like they would with another person. Users can also rely on voice-enabled speakers for entertainment, the latest on weather conditions, and more. 

Smart thermostat

Unlike dated thermostats, smart thermostats connect to wi-fi and allow homeowners to set a schedule that identifies temperature patterns. Sensors allow thermostats to adjust temperature settings based on readings collected. Consumers can also automate temperatures based on energy consumption goals and other preferences. 

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells like Ring serve dual functions as they alert you when someone is at your door while also collect video surveillance of your front door surroundings. Most smart doorbells allow you to answer the door even if you're away using your phone.  

Smart Hub 

Homeowners might consider a smart hub or voice assistant product when transitioning to a smart home. A voice assistant is like the system that ties it all together. One thing to consider before committing: become familiar with your preferred product's app and system before making a final decision. Ensure the user interface and interaction will work to your liking and be compatible with your knowledge and comfort level. 

You don’t have to commit to a complete overhaul in your home. Begin with one or two products and add more over time. The benefits of having a smart home are likely to exceed expectations. 

We hope this post has been helpful and guides homeowners as they look for ways to not only make their home smarter, but also become more energy efficient.  

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