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How to Monitor Electricity Use at Home

How to Monitor Electricity Use at Home

Perhaps it’s due to rising energy costs that put a larger dent in your monthly budget. Or, it could be that you want to actively reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint. Whatever your reason is for wanting to monitor your electricity usage at home, understanding where you’re using – and wasting – electricity can help you pinpoint the solutions and make calculated positive changes. Utilizing an electricity usage meter can help you efficiently track electricity consumption in your home and identify potential problems with your appliances – problems that, in some cases, could end in disaster. The PowerX electricity usage meter uses a sensor to help you gain insight into which appliances in your home are running, using excess electricity, and even causing problems. This information enables you to make smart choices about how the systems in your home run, take actionable steps to lower your monthly electricity consumption, and most importantly, lower your utility bill.

Benefits of Tracking Your Electricity Consumption

Overall, the main goal for most homeowners is to save money. Lower electricity consumption means lower bills, and that’s something that everyone can relate to. PowerX uses an electricity usage meter to track the efficiency of your appliances and provide tips on how to lower your operating costs. But PowerX does more than just lower your monthly bill. By understanding which appliances are running in the background, you can begin to understand how these appliances work and the amount of electricity they use to perform their tasks. This information can help you choose appliances that are more efficient and increase their service life by monitoring when they are on or off. This also helps you to avoid potentially expensive or even disastrous situations, such as if a pump was stuck in the “on” position and its motor was burning out.

How to Track Your Electricity Consumption

Machine Learning

To effectively track electricity consumption, your home needs an integrated system that can learn your household trends and build an inventory of information related to each appliance. PowerX uses machine learning to achieve this and can alert you when you exceed your normal usage statistics Controlled by a mobile app, PowerX transforms your electrical panel into a smart panel that provides information on each and every electrical draw.

Single Sensor

Using just one sensor, PowerX measures the flow of electricity throughout your home and keeps tabs on normal use. Without an electricity usage meter, an appliance could begin to consume more electricity than normal, which could be due to its age or one of its components breaking down. The longer the issue persists, the more electricity consumption, and the higher your bill will be. When you measure electricity consumption with an electricity usage meter, it’s as though your appliances are sending out distress signals. PowerX can sense that something is wrong, and alert you so that you can take steps to correct it.

Integrated Dashboard

Inside the dashboard, PowerX provides various real-time insights into your usage. It will learn your typical levels and set a goal to reduce consumption. You’ll be able to see where you are on your path to achieving the monthly goal, but you’ll also see tips that can help you get there. The sensor can detect aging equipment or when something has been left on for too long making it extremely easy to reduce and lower your consumption patterns. You’ll also be able to see how your home electricity consumption compares to other homes in your area.

Seamless Installation

Installation is a breeze and doesn’t require you to make changes to your existing electrical system. PowerX connects to your existing panel and transforms it into a smart panel with just a few wires. You can start monitoring in minutes and work towards lower your costs with realistic consumption goals leading the way.

The “Suite” Way to Save Even More

The goal of PowerX is to help you reduce consumption and save money, and electricity is just the first step. With PowerX Heat and PowerX Water, you can monitor, track, and ultimately reduce the amount of energy (water, electricity, and gas) used for heating and delivering water within your home. Each sensor integrates into a central dashboard so that you can monitor everything from one convenient display. Our suite of sensors learns and improves every day, saving you money and helping you to lessen your carbon footprint.

Learn more about how the PowerX Electricity usage meter can help you save money and make your home more efficient. Ready to start saving? Order your PowerX Electricity or the full PowerX Suite today.

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