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Simple Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Home's Water Quality

Simple Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Home's Water Quality

Numerous elements in the water distribution system and domestic plumbing can impact water quality as it travels from the treatment facility to your tap. Use our guide to guarantee that your water quality is top-notch.


Before using water for drinking or cooking, run the cold water faucets for two minutes. Water quality might deteriorate if it stays in your pipes for extended periods after not being used for several hours. Other household water consumption practices, such as cleaning pipes and letting water from the distribution system enter household pipes, are efficient alternatives to running your faucets. This involves washing dishes, taking a shower, flushing the toilet, and doing the laundry.

Cold Water Use

Avoid using hot tap water for cooking or drinking. Metals, silt, and bacteria that accumulate in the water heater can all be dissolved by the heat of the water. Hot water can leak lead into your drinking water if you have any sources of household lead.

Water Filters

Replace filter cartridges as needed. In filter cartridges, metals and bacteria can accumulate. Make careful to replace filters according to the manufacturer's directions.

Household Plumbing

Replace any lead-containing plumbing in older homes. Install copper pipes in place of galvanized ones and "lead-free" plumbing fittings with a lead content of 0.25 percent or below. After installation, flush cold water faucets once daily for three days for five minutes.

Faucet Aerators

Aerators for faucets should be regularly cleaned and replaced as needed. Your faucets' aerator screens near the tip can accumulate sediment and metals.

Water Heaters

Every year, drain your water heater. The water heater tank may contaminate sediment, bacteria, and metals. This may affect the water pressure and quality of homes.

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