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Supercharge Your Utilities With PowerX Home Utility Monitoring Products

This blog post will teach you how to supercharge your utilities and begin saving money with PowerX.
Supercharge Your Utilities With PowerX Home Utility Monitoring Products

Do you ever feel like your home utility bills are a bit of a mystery? It can be hard to know what appliances use the most electricity or water and how that affects your monthly utility bills.

If you're looking to make a change and receive a comprehensive picture of your utilities, how appliances are performing, and how much energy and/or water they each use, you've come to the right place. 

The Bigger Picture on Electricity   

A home energy audit is the first step to knowing exactly how much things contribute to your monthly utility bills and improve usage patterns throughout your home. 

PowerX home energy monitoring products give customers complete access to this information so they may know just how much each appliance is costing every month and where the energy vampires dwell. 

PowerX's electrical sensors make it possible to know precisely how much energy an appliance uses when the device turns on. With PowerX Electricity, you can measure the current frequency of each machine’s power in nanoseconds. Our machine learning catches and identifies appliances with unique signatures based on the amount of wattage they receive. 

The sensors then communicate with the hub, and homeowners view the information in our innovative app named PowerX Terra. The data is displayed through an interactive dashboard, viewable on any device where the app is installed.  

Terra informs homeowners where electricity is lost or misused and when a device needs servicing - all without human intervention! What’s excellent about Terra is that it can improve consumption patterns throughout the home and help you begin to see the savings. 

Tracking the Cost of Running Water 

When we talk about water, there are many aspects of our day-to-day activities to be considered, from showering to doing laundry. All of these require water but just how much? Water is one of the most misused utilities around the home. Keeping a close eye on water consumption can help homeowners clear water waste and identify opportunities for savings. 

Through an ultrasonic leak detector, PowerX Water makes sure water leaks don’t happen in your home. Our leak detector uses sonar to identify water consumption patterns while keeping an eye on any water leaks that could be waiting to happen. This cutting-edge technology is what makes PowerX products stand out from others on the market. 

Because ultrasonic waves travel faster than the speed of audible sound, homeowners can rest assured that our products are on alert at all times, giving you comfort and peace of mind. 

Tracking the Hot Water Heater 

In addition to tracking running water, homeowners can track the performance of their water heater. The PowerX Water Heater product lets customers know how much hot water they’re utilizing and measure the utilities it takes to heat that same water. 

Because we understand there are various types of water heaters out in the market, we created our products to be used by all. Customers can use PowerX Water Heater products with electric, gas, power vented, oil, tankless water heaters. Rest assured all PowerX products can retrofit any home regardless of its layout. 

Like tracking electricity in the home, tracking water means our AI gathers data based on use and location, comparing that to usage prices in the area. You’ll never have to wonder whether you’re spending more than your neighbors again. 

Non-invasive Utility Tracking  

Most utility tracking products require cutting into pipes and sometimes even drilling through the walls of your basement. One of the many great things about PowerX products is they are non-invasive, meaning you don’t have to alter anything in your home to install them. Our products are plug-and-play and can easily be connected without any special tools or damaging your home. 

You can now achieve Intelligent home energy monitoring easily and without hassle through the optimization and machine learning embedded in all PowerX products. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the full list of PowerX products and learn how you can supercharge your utilities at home. 

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