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What Are Zero Energy Homes?

What Are Zero Energy Homes?

Homes that use no energy are identical to other homes—only better. They are typical grid-tied homes that are so energy efficient, airtight, and well-insulated that they generate as much renewable energy as they consume annually, leaving the owners with a net-zero energy bill and a carbon-free home.

A "green home" or a house with solar panels is not the only type of zero energy home. Zero energy houses are luxurious, healthy, peaceful, sustainable, and reasonably priced. A zero energy home blends cutting-edge architecture and superior building systems with energy efficiency and on-site solar panels to create a better home.

There are zero energy homes of every size and design

Your lifestyle and preferences may work with a zero energy home. People of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds reside in zero energy homes, from the highly frigid regions of Alaska to Florida's warm, humid climate. These residences might range from mansions to condominiums, modest cottages, and tiny houses. Zero energy homes might have a standard appearance or a distinctive design. You may discover zero energy homes in a variety of architectural styles all around the United States and Canada, including colonial, modern, craftsman, ranch, and everything in between.

Zero energy homes help you save money immediately

From day one forward, the total cost of living in a zero energy home is cheaper than a standard home. A zero energy home will save you from a sharp increase in energy costs. You will continue to spend the same amount to keep your family warm and your lights on in ten years. The price will be nil or very close to nothing.

Zero energy homes are better quality

Zero energy homes are better, more enduring structures from the basement to the roof. Zero energy homes are more protected and lasting than the typical home thanks to thicker, more airtight walls, clean, filtered air, and innovative window technology, among many others. The majority of luxury residences cannot compete with zero energy homes.

Zero energy homes are carbon-free and climate-friendly

Most Americans support concrete action on the most pressing issue of our time: global climate change. Zero energy housing is one of the pillars of a low-carbon future independent of fossil fuels. 40% of the energy utilized in the United States is used by buildings alone. 

Start your zero energy process with a home energy monitor like PowerX. PowerX is a non-invasive, easy-to-install sensor that monitors your home's power, water, and water heater usage and provides you with clear and precise information on which appliances are consuming the most energy. Simply knowing this information can save you up to $1,000 on your annual utility expenses.

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