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Why Monitoring Utilities Are Becoming Increasingly More Popular For Property Owners

Why Monitoring Utilities Are Becoming Increasingly More Popular For Property Owners

Energy and water monitoring systems can show you how much electricity/water/gas you're consuming and assist you in making wiser decisions based on the information while also protect your home from catastrophes like leaks.

What Is An Energy Monitor, And How Does It Function?

Energy monitors are Wi-Fi-enabled devices in your property's electrical panel. The PowerX Energy Monitor, for example, is an easy-to-install smart sensor that plugs into your property and measures electric current, water flow, and heat. It connects all sensors with zero latency or range issues using LoRa. PowerX is the only sensor on the market using LoRa. LoRa is the connectivity system that allows the PowerX Hub to casts a long-range, low-power, and secure wireless signal that connects all your sensors.

PowerX takes this electrical usage information and turns it into charts, graphs, and overviews of your energy use and expenses, regardless of how the monitor gets the data. They visualize your energy use and property activity and offer the data to you via Terra, our mobile app.

Energy monitors have a lot of potential in terms of saving energy, money, and alerts avoiding disasters for property owners. Continue reading to learn about the three distinct advantages of utilizing an energy monitor.

  1. Gain a better understanding of your property’s electricity usage.

You can use an energy monitor to determine how much energy your devices or appliances, such as space heaters, air conditioners, computers, or even toaster ovens, are consuming. According to Natural Resources Defense Council research, energy use from Always On devices accounts for 23% of power use in the average property in the United States, or over a quarter of any given electricity bill. Your 'Always On' – often known as your vampire energy – can be seen using an energy monitor. You can even track it over time to see how far you've come when you turn off neglected lights and devices that aren't needed to be on standby.

  1. Potential for energy savings.

An energy monitor like PowerX can help you save money whether you're ready to go net-zero or want to save a few pennies. The PowerX monitor can identify the top electricity consumers and save an average of $100 per year. After knowing which devices are consuming a lot of energy, you can then determine what to do.

  1. Take use of the ease of real-time data on your smartphone.

PowerX is the only solution that provides you with a complete view of your property's electricity, water, and water heater usage. Get a full 360° view of your utilities straight to your phone, and never be surprised by another high utility bill. From your phone, you can keep track of spikes, trends, and more. Notifications can let you know when someone uses your property, if the lights are left on, if your sump pump is running, and more. You always want to be in the know!

PowerX provides fully automated smart home monitoring solutions using the energy-efficient LoRa connectivity standard. Our system helps you monitor and optimize energy consumption and proactively avoid disasters like frozen pipes. Get in touch today to find out more.

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