Installation Guides

Easy installation and powerful monitoring. Each sensor can easily be installed under an hour. Plug into your home and measure electric current, water flow and heat.

PowerX Electricity

Place the PowerX Electricity sensor inside or next to your the electrical circuit panel, clamp your breakers using the sensor clamps and power ON the sensor - it's easy to install and non-invasive.

Monitor individual breakers

Customize your setup with multiple sensors

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PowerX Water

PowerX Water is the easiest to install water monitor. No cutting pipes and no plumber required.

Simply clamp the PowerX Ultrasound sensor to your pipe, sync it to our app and enjoy the savings.

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PowerX Water Heater

The PowerX Water Heater sensor installation will vary depending on what type of water heater you have. Installation usually takes between 15-30 minutes. Additionally you can attach the optional Water Leak Cable to the water heater sensors and monitor leaks around your water heater.
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