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Get real-time data of your electrical usage.

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Monitor your electricity from your phone at any time.

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    Live & historic data
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    Rated 98% accuracy
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    Easy installation
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    1-3 phase homes
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A complete view of your electricity.

PowerX Electricity measures electric current at a near nanosecond level frequency, so it can catch and identify the unique signature of appliances, show you in real-time how much energy each appliance is using and how much it's costing you.
  • Connect the Hub to WiFi

    The Hub communicates to the sensors via LoRa. It can connect 10+ sensors so 1 home only needs 1 Hub. Additionally the Hub can be up to 1mile away from your sensors.

  • Install sensor in panel

    Install the sensor in, or next to your circuit panel and clamp your breakers with the sensor clamps to monitor individual circuits.

  • See your data anywhere

    The PowerX sensor will learn your home and your usage patterns and identify individual appliances allowing you to find savings and understand your electricity bills.

Monitor your energy usage wherever you are.

Our app named PowerX Terra, connects you to your home and gives you full insight of your electricity use.

Finally understand what your appliances are up to and which devices are costing you the most. Terra also informs you where electricity is lost or misused so you can make smarter decisions and save money.

Live & historic data
You can see your electricity data in real time. Watts and frequency! Plus access weekly and monthly graphs to see trends.
Custom electricity cost
Set your electricity cost in the app to see the exact amount your appliances are costing and view your projected upcoming electricity bill.
Time of use rate
Enter the different rates to increase the accuracy of your costs in the PowerX app and set in-app alerts when you are entering your peak rate zones so you always know when to spend more or less electricity.
Solar production
During installation you can assign each clamp in the app. Simply assign the clamps you wish to use to monitor your solar the label "Solar" in app and see how much solar energy you are producing.
Export your data
The PowerX app allows you to export your weekly and monthly data to downloadable PDF files.

Plug and play installation.

Place the PowerX Electricity sensor inside or next to your the electrical circuit panel, clamp your breakers using the sensor clamps and power ON the sensor - it's easy to install and non-invasive.

Monitor individual breakers

Customize your setup with multiple sensors

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Multiple sensors connect to 1 Hub.

Multiple sensors connect to 1 Hub.

Each sensor comes with 6 clamps.

Each sensor comes with 6 clamps.

Can handle multiple sub-panels.

Can handle multiple sub-panels.

Why do I need a hub?
The Hub is what the sensors send data to. With the Hub you onboard sensors to your account and get access to your data. Without a Hub you will not be able to set up a sensor
How many clamps come with the Electricity sensor?
The PowerX Electricity sensor comes with 6 clamps total. 2x200A clamps and 4x50A clamps.
Can I have multiple electricity sensors?
Yes! If you have sub panels or want to have more clamps for your sub breakers you can connect multiple powerX Electricity sensors to 1 Hub.
Will my PowerX Electricity work with solar panels?
Yes, simply attach the 50amp additional clamps to the solar panel’s mains that lead into the circuit breaker box and you’re good to go!

What's in the box

  • PowerX Electricity Sensor
  • PowerX Hub
  • PowerX sensor mount (optional use)
  • USB wall adapter and power cable
  • Set of 2 200A clamps
  • Set of 4 50A clamps
  • 2 mounting screws (optional use)

Product Specifications

Electricity Sensor Dimensions
7.2 in (L) x 3.1 in (W) x 1.7 in (H)
PowerX Hub Dimensions
5.2 in (L) x 2.8 in (W) x 1.2 in (H)
Clamp cable length
3.2 ft


Power Source
90-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption


1 year limited warranty

Wireless Features

Electricity Sensor
PowerX Hub
802.1/b/g/n - 2.4GHz and 868-915MHz

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Great tool for homeowners

This product arrived amazingly fast. It's exactly as described and hook up was easy. But do not attempt this on your own if your not comfortable around electricity. It took me about half an hour to set up. I did not expect results right away but i actually got to see my data immediately from the main breakers and the 4 small clamps! I've had it for about 5 weeks and it's given me great insight.

I appreciate the Activity section in the app as this is really helpful to track down how much each usage costs. I recently also purchased the water sensor but have not yet hooked that up! Will write a review on that once I get it installed.


Great product, does what it says. If you're a nerd like me its a cool tool to play around with. I purchased it just out of curiosity not because of high bills.

Best energy monitor i have tried so far

Love this product. I had Sense before and although i liked it the way the data was presented seemed somewhat useless to me personally. I like this system much more because you have the projected bill in the Home screen which is what i look at the most. It also allows for the small clamps to be named so you can track 4 breakers very clearly in the app and not rely on the AI!


I have the full suite, i haven't installed the other sensor yet but im super impressed with the electricity sensor so far!! not only is the quality from hardware to packaging just top notch, the install was easy. I hired an electrician to do it but honestly after seeing how easy it was i could have just done it myself. Ill post an update once i have installed all 3 sensors but so far im very impressed! GO POWERX


Ive had 2 electricity sensors installed for about 2 months now and I've been loving it. Does what it says it does, would recommend.


this product is awesome! The app itself is really cool and easy to use. Much more features than i had expected. I was also fascinated by the My Profile page where you can set goals and join challenges and it shows you how much you could save by completing a challenge. If you're a tech nerd like myself you will like this. I don't have crazy expensive utility bills and was more into seeing my home's data which is the reason i bought the sensor. i LOVE IT


Recommend this for anyone with an electrical panel paying bills

Hanson Belfort
Incredibly accurate and awesome product! Helps with budgeting!!!!

I wanted to monitor my electricity and water because recently my bills have basically doubled and i can barely afford it! last month i payed $700 in utility bills WHAT THE HECK!!!!

I had no idea what the heck happened so I got 2 electricity sensors and 1 water sensor. I have a sub panel so i wanted to monitor that separately with extra clamps.

So my experience so far: so, first of all the customer support team is AMAZING! I think i have driven everyone crazy with 100 questions a day and the team has been very supportive and nice :)

Secondly, the sensors are incredibly accurate i was not expecting it to be so! the electricity sensors are great because you get the small clamps so you can access immediately data of at least 4 circuits plus your total usage. This has helped me a lot as i noticed what was the big drain in our house!

Thirdly, i was incredibly impressed with the quality of the devices. feels like an apple product!

Lastly, the app is very easy to understand and you get access to multiple graphs wether it's LIVE or weekly or monthly! many great features to play around with and what i also love is the projected bill on the home page gives you a preview of what your upcoming estimated utility bills are going to be! Helps with budgeting A LOT!!!!!


product works as described. I hired a professional electrician to install the sensor, took him about 15 minutes.

Harold K

Love the app! the sensor is easy to install and the app is awesome, many features. You can see multiple different graphs and filter each sensor per graph which is the biggest benefit for me personally. I have 4 sub panels and i have a sensor for each panel + i monitor solar production.

Highly recommend, i've been login it.

Ready to take control of your home's energy use?