PowerX Water

The most advanced clamp-on smart water meter.

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    Live & historic data
    See realtime water consumption on any device and quickly compare to past usage.
  • leak alerts_icon
    Leak alerts
    Receive notifications for both slow and large leaks preventing catastrophes
  • Prevent_icon
    Prevent overuse
    Better understand your usage to make realtime changes that lower your water bill
  • easy
    Easy DIY installation
    Simple and easy to install without cutting pipes, running wires, or extending wifi

Set it and forget it.

PowerX non-invasive sensors set up in
minutes and
require little to no ongoing maintenance.

Plug and play installation.

Power X sensors are non-invasive and easy to install, no cutting pipes, no drilling holes, and most importantly you don’t need to have wifi access at every point in your building.
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A complete view of your water usage.

From one home to a thousand. From one riser to dozens. The PowerX Pro dashboard gives you unparalleled real time intelligence on your water usage. Create custom or recurring reports, set multiple users and permission sets, compare properties or even unit usage, all on one powerful dashboard that works on any device.

Water Specs

Sensor Dimensions
7.0 in (L) x 3.1 in (W) x 1.7 in (H) 0.5lb
Hub Dimensions
5.2 in (L) x 2.8 in (W) x 1.2 in (H) 0.3lb
Data Transmission Cable
15.7 in
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Device is not waterproof; must be covered for outdoor use
Sensor Wireless
Hub Wireless
802.1/b/g/n - 2.4GHz and 868-915MHz

Water Specs

What type of Pipes is PowerX compatible with?
PowerX is compatible with all common pipe type including Pex, copper, steel, CPVC, etc.
Is PowerX battery powered?
The PowerX Water Sensor can be plugged in and works with 4 AA batteries.
What pipe types does the PowerX Water work on?
PowerX Water is compatible with CTS Copper (type M&L), CPVC, and PEX piping.
Can PowerX work outside?
PowerX is intended to work inside as it’s not waterproof. However, keep an eye on this space as we’ll have a new sensor our soon that works great outdoors!
Do I need to cut pipes to install Powerx?
No! PowerX is completely non-invasive and easily and quickly clamps on to your pipes.
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    Extended Warranty
    PowerX sensors come with a long lasting warranty tied to your subscription.
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    Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Quick, easy and free returns. Try PowerX risk-free for 30-days.
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    Customer Focused
    Trusted by property managers and homeowners all over the world.